Roomers Baden-Baden Racing


If you really feel like speed, you can explore the surroundings on your racing bike. On our favourite routes you will get to know the area and pass several „spots with a view”.

Schwarzwald, baby 45 km

This tour starts with a visit to the Gönneranlage, where a rose garden with more than 400 different types of roses romances guests with lovely scents and sights. The tour then continues down the Schwarzwaldhochstraße, one of Germany’s oldest and most famous holiday routes.

On this road, you will come to Marienkirche, which has wonderful stained-glass windows and an amazing view out over the Rhine Valley. After this, set in at the Schwarzwaldmädel, a classic restaurant and inn perched up on a hilltop with lovely views, atmosphere, and traditional dishes.

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Bathing fun 59 km

Through the Lichtentaler Allee this tour leads you to the Gönneranlage. From here, the tour continues onto Marienfelsen, which provides fantastic views out toward the Vosges Mountain Range.

Continuing on, we come to the highlight of this tour, which is the Schwarzenbach Dam. On your way back, gourmets should plan a visit to Schloss Eberstein, a castle built into the side of the mountain, surrounded by vineyards.

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Vive la France 120 km

A tour for anyone and who isn’t afraid of a challenge! This adventure takes you to Strasbourg, one of France’s most populated cities. On the way to Strasbourg, you will also pass Iffezheim, Germany’s premier racecourse, which hosts three grand horse races every year.

As you drive along the French border, you will enjoy views out over the Rhine. Upon arriving in Strasbourg, try a delicious cake from Patisserie Georges Winter or enjoy fine wines in one of numerous wine bars, such as “Le Clou”. And don’t forget your passport!

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All in one 110 km

On this tour, we head out of Baden-Baden and into a nature preserve called Galgenberg. There is a wonderful view out over the region from the Scheibenberger look-out. From there, head to the Monastery of Frauenalb, which was founded in 1180 by Eberhard III. of Eberstein and his mother.

Next, the yacht harbor in Karlsruhe is the optimal place to relax for a while. The way back takes you through Wörth am Rhein and past the baroque palace of Rastatt. The teahouse pagoda is the perfect place for a moment of peace before heading back to the Roomers.

Route in detail

Have a break

You are ready? How about a sporty bento lunch in moriki style?

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