Roomers Baden-Baden Mountainbike


Get on your bike and cycle into the Black Forest. On the different routes there is a lot to see and even more to admire. No matter which route you choose, each one will fascinate you with a breathtaking view.

Tasty 39 km

This is a tour for those of you who happen to be champion athletes as well as gourmets. It begins with a side trip to the Batschari Waldhaus, a simple hut in the forest with a striking view out over the old city of Baden-Baden, Mount Merkur, and Battert Hill.

From here, the tour continues onto Yburg, one of three castles which once defended the territory of Baden-Baden. It was built around 1200 and offers stunning views from the terrace out over the Rhine Valley and the Vosges Mountain range in Eastern France. There is also a quaint inn, which offers delectable cakes and local wines. But the cherry on top of this tour is a final stop at the nature preserve Geroldsauer Mühle, a traditional but chic all-pine tavern and beer garden where you can find all sorts of organic, local delicacies.

Route in detail

Sundowner 40 km

This sunset tour starts at the Geroldsauer Mühle, where one can indulge in regional, organic treats outside on the terrace or inside next to an open fireplace. Don’t fill up too much though, you will continue up the way to Yburg Castle.

Yburg was built around 1200 and sits atop a steep hill overlooking the Rhine Valley. Here, you can enjoy a well-deserved piece of cake and glass of wine. At sunset, this is one of the most romantic places in Baden-Baden. If you have already visited Yburg, soak up the sunset at Fremersbergturm, an 85-meter tower with a special lookout platform at 29 meters.

Route in detail

Up up and away 45 km

This beautiful area was one of the places where Brahms and Courbet liked to spend their free time. Surely not on a mountainbike but they probably have enjoyed the view too. Along the road, you will visit the breathtaking waterfalls of Geroldsau, where flowers and greenery surround a pools of crystal clear water. But these aren’t the only highlight.

A church called Marienkirche— situated on the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse – will impress you with its stunning stained-glass windows and view out over the Rhine Valley. From Marienkirche, you will make your way quite comfortably up the Merkur Mountain, by way of the Funicular Railway. The view from the top of Mount Merkur is awe inspiring.


Peak time 54 km

This tour begins with a stunning view from the Fremersbergturm, continues to Geroldsauer Mühle- a cozy inn and beer garden, complete with bakery, butcher, and wine store. Next comes a side trip to Yburg, a 13th century hilltop castle. The ride culminates at the very highest point in Baden-Baden city, the Baden-Baden Peak.

At 1,002.5 meters, one meets the road to Friedrichsturm, a 30-meter tower built in 1890. Here, even more spectacular views.

Route in detail

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